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How to Create Success for the New Teacher

Teachers coming on staff can add greatly to the resources of the school - if they achieve maximum success in the new setting.

This handbook includes all the tools for principals and incoming teachers to assess the needs of teachers joining a staff and then create the environment for success within the school. This principal and teacher resource includes download software so all the forms can be printed immediately on school letterhead. 

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Table of Contents

Who Are New Teachers?

Teacher Induction Program Planner

The Unique Teacher

How Much Support Does One Teacher Need?

Professional Learning Communities


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If this resource is for your own use and will only be photocopied for use with the students or parents in your own classroom, then the low cost Personal License will work for you, for just $37.95.   

School License
Are you ordering for a school? Do you want the rights to photocopy the materials for other staff, students and even parents in the school? The School License comes with full photocopying rights for the school. Only one copy is needed for the whole school, at just $64.95. 

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