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Teach Art: Grades 4-6

This teacher's handbook, Teach Art: Grades 4-6, gives both experienced and novice art teachers the latest ideas for teaching a highly successful art program. Teachers get detailed step-by-step instructions describing how to effectively teach:

  • the key elements of art; line, form, texture, etc.
  • the principles of art; contrast, repetition, etc.


In addition, Teach Art: Grades 4-6 includes four detail filled lessons modelling planning for teaching art. These four lessons show successful ways to teach:
  • the drawing of the human figure
  • print making
  • sculpture
  • painting.

See sample pages from this resource by clicking on the following:
The Table of Contents and first page of Introduction
Teaching The Elements of Art
Teaching The Principles of Design
A Drawing Lesson
Planning A Lesson: Printmaking
Assessing Achievement
Lesson Planning: Painting
Critiquing Art


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