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Celebrating Canadian books with purpose

Wintertickle Press is proud to announce the upcoming publication of Save-My-Life School by Natalie Harris. This riveting story, based on real-life events, is a window into the lives of those dealing with mental illnesses. 

Pre-order your signed copy TODAY! (publication date is January 25, 2017)

Six-time Olympian, Clara Hughes writes:

"Natalie Harris offers a deeply personal, meaningful and raw glimpse into the very real struggle with illness.  Illness that is typically and tragically steeped in silence. She breaks the stigma by breaking the silence. She articulates so deeply what it means to live with PTSD, depression and anxiety. I've had the great gift of knowing Natalie through her writings. After meeting her, I can say she is as she writes: through struggle and joy, she is a shining and clear light that's focused on making sure the silence is ended for those living with or loving someone with similar struggles. There is no one audience for Natalie's writings; I truly feel she writes for us all."
Clara Hughes, O.C., O.M.
6-time Olympic Medalist
Author of Open Heart Open Mind
Spokesperson for Bell Let's talk

Finding a Way Forward: A Guide to Teaching Contemporary FNMI Voices Save-My-Life School
$CAD 19.95
$CAD 24.95
This...More Pre-order this incredible story, which is based on the true story and blog written by Natalie Harris...More
The OSSLT Literacy Lab Answer Key and Teacher's Guide The OSSLT Literacy Lab Student Workbook
$CAD 49.95
$CAD 7.95
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